Backgammon Gold PREMIUM v2.3.0 Patched Apk


Backgammon Gold – for beginners and professional players. Play against the computer or online with chat! Test the popular BGBlitz software, 100% fair dice rolls.

*** NEW ***
Elo-based matchmaking | Block list | Random opponents can be rejected

Backgammon Gold – lots of exciting and extendable features such as tournaments, help functions, difficulty levels and game variations will take you into the world of one of the oldest and best-known board games.

Guaranteed no rigged dice due to absolute random dice rolls from (online connection is required).

Login with your social network account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or use our mobivention Game Service. Create a friends list and send and receive game invites. Now cross platform supported for Android and iOS.

– 1 and 2 players + Online
– Elo rating
– Search for online opponents with a similar skills than yours (elo-based matchmaking)
– Play against iOS and Android users
– Cross platform friends list for game invites
– Single game & tournament
– Classic & Nackgammon
– The BGBlitz Tutor to learn the perfect move
– BGBlitz – The international rewarded Backgammon Software from The maker of BGBlitz (difficulty level IIII)
– 100% fair dice rolls with or Live Rolls function
– 8 board designs
– 3 difficulty levels
– Automatic moves for fast gaming
– Double deactivating
– Save games
– Confirm move function
– Redo function

Get Backgammon Gold now for your smartphone and pad and show your opponents how to play properly!

What’s New
Online game:
* Auto-match opponents can be rejected now
* Guests now play against other guests only
* Your country and flag can now be added to your profile
* Elo-based matches: Search for opponents with similar skills than yours
Bug fixes:
* Zugzwang is fixed
* General bugs were fixed
* Improved result screen
* The green game board is graphically improved
Attention! Players with outdated versions will not be able to play against players of the latest version anymore.

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